Fianna Fáil proposes legislation to remove power of Justice Minister to grant parole

The party's Parole Bill would also allow victims of crime to be heard during the parole process

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Jim O'Callaghan. Image:

Fianna Fáil is seeking to have the final say on parole removed from the Justice Minister.

It is introducing legislation in the Dáil tomorrow that will put the Parole Board on a statutory footing.

The laws, if passed, would see the independent board decide whether convicted murderers and rapists are released back into the community.

Fianna Fáil's Justice spokesperson Jim O'Callaghan has said the Parole Bill would also, for the first time, "allow the victims of crime to be heard in respect of the process as to whether parole should be granted".

Deputy O'Callaghan says no Minister for Justice should have the power of granting parole, and that under the Bill there would be "a fair system to determine whether individuals should be granted parole or not. And it won't be dependent on party politics".