New cameras to track speed along all lanes in Dublin Port Tunnel

System to monitor average speed is expected to go live later this year

dublin port tunnel

Dublin Port Tunnel | File photo:

New cameras will track drivers’ average speed along the Dublin Port Tunnel, in the first move of its kind in Ireland.

Motorists found to driving faster than the standard speed limit of 80km/hr will be slapped with a fine and potential penalty points.

Fixed-speed cameras currently in use nationwide can only monitor vehicles at set points.

But these new cameras will be able to record speed throughout the 4.5km tunnel, without flashing lights or other giveaway indicators.

All lanes will be covered by the two camera positions, meaning switching lanes will have no effect on average speed monitoring.

When the system determines that a vehicle has exceeded the speed limit, a record of the violation will be automatically sent to gardaí.

Michael Nolan of Transport Infrastructure Ireland said traffic through the Port Tunnel has increased by 40% over the last five years, increasing the risk of accidents.

“Average speed camera enforcement systems look to mitigate this potential because statistics show that there is typically a 50% reduction in the collision rate once in operation,” he said.

Work on the project will begin tomorrow when large yellow poles are installed to hold the cameras.

The new system is expected to go live later this year after testing.