Independent Alliance "insisted" on transparent appointment process for EIB job

Finian McGrath says the Taoiseach never brought up any names in discussions with the alliance

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Super Junior Minster with responsibility for disability issues Finian McGrath talking to the media | Image:

The Independent Alliance says it has not objected to nominating former Taoiseach John Bruton as Vice President of the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Minister Finian McGrath says the group has instead insisted that the Government hold an open competition for the position.

The job is one of the most senior in Europe and comes with a salary of €278,000 a year.

On The Sunday Show this morning, Minister McGrath says a story on the front of today's Sunday Times is true. 

"I'm not a happy bunny that the story is out there, but it is actually factually correct because there was a bit of a debate behind the scenes in relation to the European Investment Bank," he explained

"Shane [Ross] came to the Independent Alliance meeting and informed us there was a report coming up for the vice presidency of the [EIB]. Of course we insisted that the process and independence of appointments procedure was guaranteed, because that's in the Programme of Government" he added.

He says the job will now be advertised, and that his party had to 'stand their ground' in relation to the issue.

"It was done very amicably and business-like behind close doors... The Independent Alliance were totally united because we wanted the process to be independent and transparent, and that's what we going in the end," he added.

He stressed that the Taoiseach never brought up any names in his talks with Shane Ross, and that the objections were raised over the process.