Several thousand people attend pro-life rally in Dublin

Government has pledged to hold a citizens' assembly on the Eight Amendment to the Constitution

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Thousands of people attended a pro-life event in Dublin today to save the Eighth Amendment.

The controversial law gives equal right to the life of the unborn child and the mother.

The Government has committed to holding a citizens' assembly to decide whether or not to repeal in the law.

Cora Sherlock from the Pro Life Campaign says the Eighth Amendment should be retained, saying "we haven't had enough of a conversation about all of the good things that the Eighth Amendment has done".

"What we want to see happen after today is that politicians, the media and the public in general will really start to focus on the... human lives that have been saved by the Eighth Amendment."


The keynote speaker was American Melissa Ohden, who said she was born after a failed abortion.

"You have every reason to be proud of the Eighth Amendment," she told the crowds.

"Passing this provision in 1983 was a hugely positive step forward for authentic human rights. As an abortion survivor, I applaud your country for it."