‘Racist, sexist, warmonger should not be welcomed’ - political parties to protest Trump visit

The Green Party, People Before Profit and the Anti-Austerity Alliance have all announced that they will stage protests against Donald Trump's visit to Clare.

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In this file photo, Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Albuquerque | Image: Brennan Linsley / AP/Press Association Images

Several of Ireland’s political parties have said that they will stage protests during the visit of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to Co Clare later this month.

The billionaire businessman confirmed on Twitter overnight that he will visit his golf course in Doonbeg following trips to two of his courses in Scotland.

The Green Party, People Before Profit and the Anti-Austerity Alliance have all announced that they will stage demonstrations to protest the visit.

“We have an obligation during this visit to say to our Irish-American cousins: Whatever you do, please do not vote for this man,” Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said.

“The Green Party will be contacting different organisations in the coming days to try and arrange a protest that will be peaceful and as colourful and large a protest as possible.”

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said the billionaire businessman should receive no official or public welcome.

“Trump is a dangerous, racist, sexist, warmonger who should not be welcomed to Ireland”.

He labelled Trump’s comments about Muslims, immigrants, women, refugees and American foreign policy as “vile, dangerous, racist and sexist” and described the reality TV star as “a serious danger to the world.”

“Donald Trump is an incredibly dangerous individual who should not be put in charge of the US military. Donald Trump is an out and out racist, sexist and bigot and his comments are disgusting. He should be opposed by all sections of society in America and across the world.”

“Donald Trump is not a joke like some people are saying. He should be opposed by anyone who believes in human decency and solidarity.”

The Anti-Austerity Alliance has also called for a protest against the visit of the presumptive Republican nominee.
Deputy Paul Murphy says there should be a clear message that his policies aren't welcome in Ireland.