Death toll rises to 15 as flooding sweeps across Europe

The bad weather has hit a number of countries in Europe, including France and Germany.

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Image: Thibault Camus / AP/Press Association Image

At least fifteen people have died in flooding across Europe, caused by days of torrential rain.

BBC News reports 10 fatalities in southern German, two each in France and Romania and one in Belgium.

Storms have swept across Germany, France, Poland, Belgium and Austria, causing French President Francois Hollande to declare a State Of Natural Disaster. 

Hollande also noted that the scale of the disaster meant it should not be viewed in isolation, saying "When there are serious climate phenomena such as this, we must all be conscious that it's on a world scale and that we must take action."

In Paris, museums including the Louvre are closed, and part of the Metro network is shut.

Thousands of people living near the River Seine have been evacuated from their homes, and around 22,000 addresses are without power.

Sky News spoke to one of the residents, Naomie, who has been ordered to leave her home. She said she's worried as she has never seen anything like this in her life.