Zappone: "If kids aren't out of emergency accommodation under my watch, we'll have failed"

Children's Minister Katherine Zappone set out her vision for the role on The Right Hook

Minister for Children Katherine Zappone has told Newstalk that the Government will have failed if it does not get all children out of emergency accommodation by the end of the lifetime of this Government.

Speaking on the Right Hook in her first major interview since taking office, Minister Zappone said the government should set its "ambitions high" to ensure that there are no more children living in hotels.

Latest figures show 1,300 children are homeless, a figure the Minister says is growing.

She said one of her political priorities is to ensure that "if children are going homeless, we provide them with the best possible care in that short period of time."

She explained she is currently working with Simon Coveney to put in place "short term supports", but stressed that it would be important not to provide "incentives" to allow people to remain in emergency accommodation long term.

During the interview, she also gave assurances of her goals when it comes to mental health services for kids, safe accommodation for our children as well as her vision for the role of children in Irish society.

She insisted that there's never been a more important time in history for there to be a Minister for Children.

And she also described herself as 'pragmatic' when asked about her role in the Government formation negotiations, and her success in getting a Ministerial role.

Listen to the full interview below: