Chinese gangster back in jail after welcome home party goes viral

Cheng Youze was greeted by 120 supporters and thousands of firecrackers - and police officers, three days later

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A Chinese mob boss has returned to prison just three days after being released, with Chinese authorities citing “rampant arrogance” after images of his welcome home party surfaced online.

As he exited the prison complex in the northern city of Jincheng, Cheng Youze was met by a guard of honour made up of 120 men, 20 Land Rovers, 30 Mercedes and six Hummers. The group then whisked the 52-year-old gang leader off to a party held at a luxurious five-star hotel.

Strolling through the prison gates wearing a white shirt and sunglasses, Cheng jubilantly waved to dozens of gang members – as well as armed prison guards – while tens of thousands of firecrackers were set off in a ceremony to bring good luck, the South China Morning Post claimed.

The firecrackers exploded in vein, as pictures of the outlandish celebrations were posted on the Internet, the Chinese felon’s first taste of freedom in seven years was cut short. Three days after his lavish banquet, he was re-arrested and detained on charges of “disturbing social order.”

You can see footage of Cheng leaving prison in the video below:

“The Public security bureau will comprehensively and deeply investigate the case. The rampant arrogance of criminals cannot be tolerated,” a local police spokesman said. 

Another nine of Cheng’s associates were also arrested, including his wife.

The mob boss has a long history of brushes with the law, having been imprisoned in both 1984 and 2004 for robbery and gambling felonies. Local criminals have reportedly helped him back on his feet each time he is released, according to reports.

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