Luas drivers to vote on new pay proposals after strikes are called off

Stoppages planned for today and tomorrow were cancelled ahead of ballot

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SIPTU will today begin balloting its members on Labour Court proposals aimed at ending the long-running Luas dispute.

Earlier this week, the court recommended wage increases of 15.6% to 18.3% for drivers between now and September 2020.

The proposal would include a 2.5% increment for long service after three years on the maximum of the scale.

The court also advised against a half-hour increase to the working day for drivers - a move opposed by union members.

A “lead-in” payment of €750 should be made to drivers had forfeited their bonus for 2016, subject to acceptance of the deal, the court said. 

It also recommended that pay cuts of 10% and the suspension of the sick pay scheme be reversed, with money owed to drivers paid in full. 

Work stoppages planned for today and tomorrow were called off on Tuesday to give union members time to consider the recommendations. 

Four further strikes are still scheduled to go ahead in June.