The Purple-Red Scale may be set to replace The Kinsey Scale

The 0-6 sexuality gauge may have run it's course

Since it's creation in 1948, The Kinsey Scale has been used to measure the gradients of sexuality, with exclusively hetero people marking themselves as a zero, and exclusively homo people marking themselves as a six.

Kinsey's studies revealed that the majority of the people he studied didn't fall in either zero or six, but the shades of grey in between either exclusivity of sexual orientation.

However, the Kinsey Scale failed to address aspects such as sexual desire, or factor in those who consider themselves asexual, which is where Langdon Parks and his new Purple-Red Scale comes in.

On top of the pre-established 0 to 6 scale to define sexual preference, there is now also an A to F scale which measures your want or desire for sexual activity, with A representing both asexuality and aromantic, and F representing Hypersexuality, where sex is the only and ultimate goal of every human interaction.


Parks told Mic.Com that "The scale was designed to provide a quick and easy way of scoring a person's view of relationships on forums and dating sites. [...] Attraction type is every bit as important as orientation. We see it all the time: John wants sex, sex, sex, while Jane doesn't have the feeling right away."