Men arrested in connection with sale of NAMA's Northern Ireland loan book released

The North's new finance committee is expected to discuss 'Project Eagle' today

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It is expected the North's new finance committee will discuss NAMA's 'Project Eagle' when it meets for the first time today.

It follows the arrests of two men in connection with the sale of NAMA's Northern Ireland loan book yesterday.

They were detained by the British National Crime Agency as part of a fraud investigation, and have since been released.

Detectives are investigating the controversial £1.2bn (€1.55bn) sale of assets and property owned by NAMA.

Jack Horgan Jones is Business Correspondent with the Sunday Business Post.

He says it is possible the new Government here may also investigate the issue.

"Prominent people who are now around the Cabinet table, like Shane Ross - when he was on the Public Accounts Committee he lambasted over the way it handled Project Eagle," Jack told Pat Kenny.

"Can he really stand over this Government not investigating 'Project Eagle'? Now we have Sinn Féin tabling a motion saying they'll be calling for a full-blown investigation. Will Fianna Fáil support that if they're to have the courage of their convictions in relation to their previous public statements on this?" he added.