Luas strikes called off as drivers consider new pay recommendations

Labour Court recommends wage increases of up to 18.3% for drivers

Luas strikes planned for Thursday and Friday this week have been called off as drivers consider new pay recommendations.

Trade union SIPTU said yesterday that the Labour Court had recommended wage increases of 15.6% to 18.3% for drivers between now and September 2020.

The proposal would include a 2.5% increment for long service after three years on the maximum of the scale.

The Labour Court also advised against a half-hour increase to the working day for drivers - a move opposed by union members.

A review has also been suggested to compare the pay of Luas drivers to those of other light rail drivers across Europe.

The Labour Court said a “lead-in” payment of €750 should be made to drivers had forfeited their bonus for 2016, subject to acceptance of the deal. 

Outstanding non-cost issues highlighted by drivers should be referred to the Workplace Relations Commission for conciliation, the Labour Court judgment added. 

It also recommended that pay cuts of 10% and the suspension of the sick pay scheme be reversed, with money owed to drivers paid in full. 

SIPTU said it would discuss the proposals with union members at the company at a general meeting this morning.

A secret ballot will then be held among the membership, the union said. 

Four further strikes are still scheduled to go ahead in June.