WATCH: Actors in old-age make-up in movies vs. what they actually look like at that age

The video looks at some of the biggest film franchises in movie history, including 'Back to the Future'

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Michael J Fox and Lea Thompson aged up for 'Back to the Future 2' [YouTube]

It’s a pretty common plot device to age up a character by flashing forward to the future, but how well do the make-up artists of Hollywood manage to get it right? As the following supercut shows, some films manage to get it pretty close, while other prosthetics and wigs look laughably silly.

Taking a look at some of the biggest film stars and biggest franchises ever to grace celluloid – including the likes of Back to the Future and The Godfather trilogy – we see that there is a lot more to it than running some talcum powder through an actor’s hair.

Take a look at the full video below, edited by Filminick:

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