Italian court rules man can pay ex-wife's alimony in pizza deliveries

The pizza chef told the court he did not have the cash to pay the €300 a month fee and pizza was the only alternative

Italian court rules man can pay ex-wife's alimony in pizza deliveries

[Flickr/Adam Blackner]

The dissolution of any marriage can be a complicated legal process, with every family presenting different needs and means. And on very rare occasions, those needs result in court order allowing the payment of alimony in pizza.

According to an Italian newspaper, a Padua judge has ruled in favour of a divorced 50-year-old man who had taken to paying his former spouse the court-appointed sum of €300 in pizza. That figure was a result of child support offered for the pair’s daughter.

The man, a professional pizza chef, had fallen in the habit of making the monthly payment in the form of pizza, which his ex-wife determined was not a satisfactory form of payment. Taking her former husband to court, the woman’s lawyer argued that the alimony payment in the shape of thin-base pepperoni pizzas did not fulfil the legal requirements of their divorce settlement.

But judge Chiara Bitozzi ruled in favour of the pizza chef, a man identified only as NT, The Local reported. The judge said that since he did not have enough income to make the full payment and could not reach deeper into his pocket, payment by deep dish would suffice in the eyes of the law.

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