Evening Top 5 : Bono rocks out with Bruce, Gorilla shot dead, Child lost in woods, 'illegal' nursing home burns down,

The top stories this Sunday evening...

The nation were still trying to get to grips with Enda's outing of himself as a fan of The Boss, when another Irish notable was caught rocking out with the man himself...this time on stage.

Bono joined Bruce Springsteen for a duet of Because the Night, a track made famous by Patti Smith.

Parents of a child missing for two days in bear infested woods in Japan have admitted that they abandoned him there as punishment.

150 people are continuing to search for the seven year old who was last seen in the Hokkaido Mountain region.

Argentinian junta leader Reynaldo Bignone, 88, has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for crimes committed under Operation Condor, which allowed death squads from several South American countries to cross each others borders to kidnap, torture and kill political opponents who had fled across the border.

What's most remarkable about the ruling is that it is the first time that the existence of the death squads that plagued South America in the 1980s has been proven in court.

Seventeen people are dead after a fire at an illegally-run home for the elderly near Kiev.

The owner of the home has been detained, while five people have been hospitalised with burns of varying degrees.

An endangered gorilla shot dead after dragging boy (4) around US zoo enclosure

The child is believed to have crawled through a public barrier into the Gorilla World enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden yesterday afternoon, and tumbled into the exhibit's moat.