Family and friends come out in support of Depp

After 15 month marriage to actress Amber Heard ends in restraining order against him

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Celebs weigh in

The daughter of Johnny Depp has indicated her support for her father following claims he was violent towards estranged wife Amber Heard.

17-year-old Lily-Rose Depp has posted a childhood picture on Instagram - saying "my dad is the sweetest most loving person".

It follows news that her mother, Vanessa Paradis, strongly refutes claims that Depp could be violent in a letter obtained by TMZ, while Depp's own first wife, Lori Anne Alison, told friends Johnny never got physical with her during their relationship and did not even scream at her in anger.

Also speaking to TMZ was Mickey Rourke, Depp's co-star in Once Upon A Time in Mexico, who said “He doesn't seem like a very violent man to me. He's a very low key guy, he's always been really low key and a gentleman and not violent.”

These claims stand in stark contrast with the picture painted in court documents by Heard, who said: 'During the entirety of our relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me."

A friend of Heard, Raquel Rose Pennington, claims that Depp slapped her hands away and shouted foul language at her when she tried to intervene and that she saw him wielding a wine bottle like a baseball bat.

The actress appeared bruised in pictures she claims were taken after the alleged attack, though police officers found 'no evidence of any crime' at their home.

While in a picture posted to Instagram the following day there was no sign of injury, although the actress had the specific area covered with her hair. 

News of the alleged assault has divided Hollywood, with The Walking Dead star, Laurie Holden, posting this on Twitter.


 When eviscerated on Twitter, the actress stuck to her guns, saying


While actress Evan Rachel Wood, meanwhile, attacked the press for focusing on Heard's sexuality, tweeting  “Amber Heard‘s sexuality is only relevant in that bi women are at far greater risk of experiencing intimate partner violence. Bisexuality however is not a reason for violence. It doesn’t mean Heard is somehow immoral or deserving of abuse.”