Dr Henry Heimlich performs his life-saving manoeuvre for first time - at age of 96

Dr Heimlich dislodged a piece of hamburger from the airway of a fellow resident at a retirement home

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Dr. Henry Heimlich. Image: Al Behrman / AP/Press Association Images

Dr Henry Heimlich, the man who credited with coming up with the so-called Heimlich manoeuvre, has finally had the chance to use the life-saving technique at the age of 96.

The Cincinatti Enquirer reports that Dr Heimlich, who first described the technique in the 1970s, has demonstrated his namesake manoeuvre on many occasions - but had never had the opportunity to utilise it in a real life situation until very recently.

The doctor is currently living at the Deupree House retirement home, and performed the manoeuvre when fellow resident Patty Ris started choking in the dining room.

The Enquirer says Dr Heimlich managed to dislodge a piece of hamburger that had become stuck in the 87-year-old's airway.

Dr Heimlich said: "When I used it, and she recovered quickly, it made me appreciate how wonderful it has been to be able to save all those lives."

The famous first aid procedure involves performing 'abdominal thrusts' on a person who is choking as the result of an object getting stuck in their upper airway.