Passenger breaks wrist after falling from aircraft steps in Dublin

A report from the Air Accident Investigation Unit has been released

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Image: AAIU

An airline passenger broke her wrist after falling to the ground from the top of aircraft steps at Dublin Airport.

A report from the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) found a faulty locking mechanism on the steps contributed to the passenger fracturing their wrist.

The aircraft was on a scheduled passenger flight from Manchester to Dublin back in 2015 - however the report was only released today.

The woman began to disembark at the rear of the aircraft, when the handrail collapsed and she fell from the steps.

She was taken to hospital where it was determined she had sustained a fracture.

In its report, the AAIU found that examination of the steps and handrail components found no pre-existing defects, and no evidence of contamination of the steps from liquids such as water, oil or de-icing fluid.

Image: AAIU

But it found that the handrail's quick release pin was not subject to regular maintenance inspection.

"In this case, only when the locking mechanism of the pin failed, and the handrail collapsed, did the faulty condition of the quick-release pin become apparent", the report found.

X-rays of the pin also revealed damage or wear to an area of the spring mechanism, but the exact cause of this damage was not determined.

The AAIU concluded that the failure of the locking mechanism of the quick-release pin - and the lack of a checking procedure to ensure functionality - were both contributory factors.