'Star Trek' fan faces lawsuit after making short docudrama

JJ Abrams has suggested the lawsuit will be dropped

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In this photo, a model of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) hangs above an exhibit for a 50th anniversary celebration of the Star Trek television show and films at the EMP Museum, in Seattle | Image: Elaine Thompson / AP/Press Association Images

As the 'Star Trek' franchise prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, one fan might not be ready to live long and prosper.

Paramount Pictures is reportedly suing one man, Alec Peters, who has made a 20-minute 'Star Trek' docudrama called 'Prelude to Axanar'.

Bloomberg reports that the piece was created with US$100,000 (€89,095) raised on Kickstarter.

The video has generated more than two million YouTube views since it was posted in August 2014.

Paramount Pictures and CBS - the owners of the franchise - have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit, claiming he copied numerous elements from their properties.

However 'Star Trek' director JJ Abrams has suggested that the lawsuit will be dropped by the studio.

Speaking during a fan event on Friday, Abrams said: "This was not an appropriate way to deal with the fans - the fans should be celebrating this thing, like you're seeing right now, we all...are part of this world".

"Within the next few weeks, it will be announced that this is going away".

Writing on Facebook, Mr Peters said: "A huge THANK YOU to JJ Abrams and Justin Lin for their announcement last night that Paramount is dropping the suit against Axanar".

However a post on the film's website says: "There are still a lot of things up in the air that need to be worked out before we can provide some kind of production timeline".