"We feel this new sense of confidence - people must respect us" - Dil Wickremasinghe on life after #MarRef

Dil and Ann-Marie's son, Phoenix, turned one on May 17th

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Anne-Marie, Phoenix and Dil | Image: David Conachy

Newstalk broadcaster and social justice campaigner Dil Wickremasinghe says she has more confidence since the marriage equality vote last year.

"What an amazing, amazing year it has been", she told the Colette Fitzpatrick Show.

Dil and her wife Ann-Marie had a son, Phoenix, who turned one on May 17th.

"I got married finally after I proposed to Ann-Marie that Saturday the 23rd of May 2015 - actually we got married twice", Dil says.

The couple got married on December 20th in front of family and friends at their home - and then on April 28th they tied the knot at the registry office.

"One thing that's changed for us and it's huge - it's the confidence that we have when we walk into places and I'm able to say 'this is my wife'".

She says when they went to the accident and emergency department recently with their son, she explained to the nurse that he has two mothers.

"They asked my details and they asked 'Would you like Phoenix's dad's name to be on the form?' - and I said 'no, Phoenix has got two mums'".

"I know the Irish law is on my side and I'm protected by the Irish State".

"If that happened a few moths ago...my voice wouldn't have been as strong, I would have felt maybe a little bit more within myself".

"We feel this new sense of confidence - we are a family and people must respect us".

But she says the issue of guardianship is still an area that of concern to them.

"We are just in the middle of it all...that's still very present for us".

While new research has revealed a surge in the number of LGBT+ young people coming out in Ireland following the referendum.