Collection for homeless and refugees taking place in Dublin's Pantibar

'The Jacket Off Your Back' charity will distribute the items

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People are being encouraged to bring their unwanted clothes to Pantibar in Dublin this evening, so they can be donated to the homeless and refugees.

The 'The Jacket Off Your Back' charity will then distribute the items to those who need them the most.

It is part of the marriage equality one year anniversary celebrations - and is being organised as a way to give back to the community and thank people for their support.

"There was a lot of talk at the time of the vote saying that the LGBTQ community owes a huge debt of thanks. This is without doubt true", the charity says.

The collection for clothes and shoes takes place in Pantibar on Capel Street between 5.00pm to 8.00pm.

There will be two aspects to the collection: unwanted but usable clothes for the homeless here in Ireland, and shoes for refugees in camps across Europe - particularly children's shoes.

Proprietor and activist Panti Bliss said: "Right across the island this weekend we are saying thanks, but we are also getting stuck in to supporting many just causes and charity events. I'm just delighted to support this one too".

Organiser Buzz O'Neill-Maxwell said: "The LGBTQ family across Ireland have wanted to say thanks to the people of Ireland that came out in support of their claim for equal marriage rights this time last year".

"What an incredible weekend that was all around the country. What better of saying thanks, than by paying that kindness forward".

"Kevin and the rest of his team at The jacket of your back have been doing the most incredible amount of charity collection work, both for the critical homeless situation here, and for the thousands of misplaced refugees across Europe".

"I couldn't but not reach out to them and off some kind of small assistance", he added.