A luxury, one-of-a-kind apartment is being built in the Eiffel Tower

Competition winners will get to stay in the famous landmark for one night only

While it's one of the world's most famous landmarks, the amount of time you could spend in The Eiffel Tower was normally dependent on it's opening hours, or your personal quota for heights.

No longer, though! Tourism accommodation company HomeAway.com have hired French interior designer Benoit Leleu to create a first-of-its-kind living quarters installed in the Eiffel Tower, complete with bedrooms and an lounging area with incomparable views.

Based around the #EiffelTowerAllYours hashtag, the company are running a competition leading up to the UEFA Cup tournament, with four winners (each allowed to bring along five guests), with every group given one night in the unique establishment, followed by three more nights in the capital city.

It's all a part of HomeAway.com's "Why Share It?" campaign, which came complete with the hilarious Nick Offerman-narrated commercial, which you can watch below.