Documentary On Newstalk: Mother Jones: America's Most Dangerous Woman

Celebrating the life of a Cork woman who took on the system in America

Producer Sorcha Glackin looks at the life of Mary Harris Jones, the Cork Woman who played a pivotal part in the American Coal Wars, in: “Mother Jones, America’s Most Dangerous Woman”.

Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman  tells the story of Mary Harris Jones, a woman from Cork who became one of the greatest agitators of the American labour struggle. Despite a life of personal tragedy, losing her husband and four children in one summer to an outbreak of yellow fever, Mother Jones went on to become one of the most well known and loved figures of the American labour movement.

In 1903 at the age of 66, she organized a children’s march to protest against child labour laws from Philadelphia to the home of then President Theodore Roosevelt. At the age of 76, in the weeks preceding the Ludlow Massacre, she was arrested and escorted from the State of Colorado because of the rabble-rousing speeches that she gave to striking workers there.

However because of politics within the labour movement and a desire to lessen the credence given to labour history, her legacy is not widely known to the general public.

Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman  goes on a journey of discovery asking who exactly Mother Jones was, what she did, and why it is more important than ever that we remember her today.

BROADCAST TIMES: Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman,  will broadcast as part of the Summer Season of Documentary on Newstalk on Saturday 14th May 7am, and repeated at midnight.

CREDITS: Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman  was was Produced by Sorcha Glackin and was supported by a grant from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, with the Television License Fee, as part of the Sound And Vision Scheme.

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