Five Leaving Cert students "suspended over water fight" as exams loom

Parents have reportedly criticised the penalty, arguing it is too harsh

Five Leaving Cert students "suspended over water fight" as exams loom


Five students from a Leaving Cert class in a Dublin based fee-paying school have reportedly been suspended over a water fight on school grounds, just weeks ahead of their exams.

Parents of the students in High School in Rathgar are said to have criticised the punishment, saying it is unfair on pupils facing into a stressful period.

The Irish Times reports that the water fight took place last week and ended up in the common room. The suspensions were delayed until this week to accommodate some of the students sitting practical art exams last week. 

Some parents said that the suspensions were initially intended to last until the beginning of exams, but a number of the students in question returned to school yesterday. It is understood that the students will be allowed to sit their Leaving Cert exams at the school.

One parent told the paper: "It’s over the top. This was end-of-term high jinks and now it’s been blown up into a major issue which is distracting other pupils."

Another parent said that other disciplinary measures could have been implemented without issuing any suspensions.

The school had not responded to a request for comment at the time of writing.