WATCH: Latest "Ghostbusters" trailer reveals the villainous ghosts the ladies will be busting

The movie's previous trailer was the most disliked in YouTube history

When the first full length trailer was released a few months back, the reaction to the reboot/sequel/whatever of Ghostbusters was met with something less than optimism.

In fact, with over 238,000 likes compared to over 800,000 unlikes, that first trailer has been confirmed as the most disliked trailer ever released on YouTube.

With that in mind, this latest trailer puts the plot more front-and-centre, with the fear-filled foursome hunting down whomever is responsible for releasing ghosts upon Manhattan and the rest of New York, while their handsome assistant (played by Chris Hemsworth) finds himself possessed.

There's a few more new jokes in there - Kristen Wiig holding on to the dinner table for dear life is a great sight - but there's probably still some way to go before the filmmakers properly win-over the haters.

We'll see whether or not all that hate was misplaced once the movie is released here on July 15th.