Dublin City Council spends over €55,000 monthly to clean illegal dumping

Newstalk Breakfast visited a waste management centre and a litter blackspot

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Illegally dumped household waste on Cork Street in Dublin | Image: RollingNews.ie

As the debate over proposed weighted bin charges continues, it has been revealed just how much illegal dumping is costing.

Dublin City Council spend more than €55,000 every single month dealing with the issue - nearly €700,000 per year.

Those opposed to the introduction of charging by weight for green bins have argued that the move will be bad for the environment because it will encourage more illegal dumping.

Newstalk Breakfast reporter Kieran Cuddihy paid a visit to the division in Dublin City Council which deals with all of this.

He spoke with senior executive officer with Waste Management Services, Brian Hanney.

Every single one of those bags is sifted through to try and identify the owner.

But Mr Hanney said most people do not include anything with a name or address in the bag.

Last month, Dublin City Council posted images of people dumping their rubbish at a litter blackspot in the city.

The montage was on the wall of a house on Killarney Street at Frankfort Cottages.

In an IBAL survey last year, improvements were noted in the area, though it is still classed as littered.

But they have doubled the number of homes with wheelie bins, fenced off many areas that had been used and the door-to-door litter wardens have improved compliance.

But it is still a huge problem and it is still costing a lot of money.

Sinn Féin Councillor Daithí Doolan says we need undercover personnel to catch those responsible.