British man Matthew Green found in Spain six years after going missing

His parents say they still cannot contact him

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A British man who went missing six years ago has been found in Spain - but Matthew Green's parents are unable to get in touch with him because of data protection laws.

Jim and Pauline Green reported their son missing when he left home in Kent in May 2010, saying he was going to London to visit friends.

That was the last they heard of him. Now the couple say they have "mixed emotions".

They are overjoyed to know the 32-year-old is still alive, but saddened because they cannot contact him.

"I cannot put into words how we feel, ecstatic, elated, all our Christmases come at once are a few of the things that spring to mind," Mrs Green said.

She added: "It's very mixed emotions - obviously we're very happy but again we've got quite a few hurdles to get through".

The couple were told the news earlier this month when a police officer appeared on their doorstep and said their son had come to the attention of the authorities in Spain because he was "acting oddly".

He was put into the care of social services.

Mrs Green said on Facebook: "He had no ID on him and when asked his name he said he didn't know and then gave two aliases and Matthew Green, at this point Interpol were involved and everything has snowballed from there".

"A fingerprint match proves that it is 99.9% surety that it is Matt".

She added: "We are no way nearer to seeing him, talking to him or anything else, due to his human rights and data protection. I have written him a letter which I have emailed to the Foreign Embassy/Consulate in Madrid but they will not tell me if Matt is in receipt of my letter".

A Facebook page set up for families of missing adults and children in the UK has appealed to people to share the information and to get in touch if they can help Jim and Pauline Green make contact with their son.