WATCH: The first trailer arrives for the 'Prison Break' revival

The show officially ended with the death of its lead character in 2009, but Michael Schofield may have escaped death after all

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Wentworth Miller as Michael Schofield in 'Prison Break' [Wiki Commons]

Despite having been killed off at the end of its run almost seven years ago – though that has never been a hindrance to characters reappearing in it in the past – Fox has released the new trailer for the new season on Prison Break, bringing escapology and tattoo enthusiast Michael Schofield back to television and back to jail.

The show, which became a worldwide hit, ended its four-season run in 2009, with many fans feeling it had jumped the shark right at the end of its debut season when Schofield pulled off the titular jail break. But Fox announced months ago that the series would be making a return, with stars Wentworth Miller, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Dominic Purcell all reprising their roles.

The trailer sees Sara, the prison doctor who fell in love with the scheming Schofield, living a quiet – if somewhat dramatically phrased – life with her son from her marriage to the tattooed architect, long believing him to have perished. But when his brother Lincoln (Purcell) appears with information from T-Bag (Robert Knepper) suggesting Michael is still alive, it looks like plans might have to be hatch to spring him from some foreign big house.

Fox executives say the adventures that ensue will lead to the show’s biggest prison break ever. You can watch the trailer in full below:

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