Gardaí march without uniforms on Leinster House over pay

AGSI members taking part in demonstration were asked to wear blue

Gardaí march without uniforms on Leinster House over pay

Members of the AGSI march in Dublin city centre | Image via @newschambers on Twitter

Hundreds of gardaí gathered in Dublin earlier to march on the Dáil in protest at their pay.

The protest is the first action in a campaign by Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI) to restore its members' pay levels.

Middle-ranking gardaí have lost 25% of their pay since 2008 and face another increment freeze in July. 

The association is also seeking direct negotiating rights in accordance with an EU ruling from June 2014, which directed that gardaí should have trade union rights.

AGSI members are not marching in uniform, as was previously suggested, but have not ruled out doing so in future.

These members explained why they were protesting:

Other gardaí who are on leave, as well as members of the Garda Síochána Retired Members Association, also took part in the march.

John Jacob of the AGSI told Newstalk earlier that gardaí should be adequately paid for putting themselves at risk in the line of duty.