Best of the box: Zoo Quest, Love, Nina & The Guards

Tom Dunne and Sue Murphy bring you the best of the box for the week ahead...

Not quite sure of what the best picks of the box are for this week? Or will you regret that you didn't record something when all of a sudden it's the talk of the town?

Fear not, the Tom Dunne Show has you covered.

Sue Murphy joined Tom to pick out the best of the box for the week ahead. You can find a link to the full podcast at the bottom of the page.

Picks of the week

Love, Nina, Friday, BBC1, 9.30pm

This adaptation of Nina Stibbe's comical book with screenplay by Nick Hornby follows a 20-year-old woman who arrives in London seeking work as a childminder for the editor of a London literary review. Starring Faye Marsay and Helena Bonham Carter.


Zoo Quest, Tuesday, BBC4, 9pm

First broadcast in December 1954, Zoo Quest launched David Attenborough's career as a wildlife presenter. But check this out - The BBC always though that it had been shot in black and white, however on a recent trip into the storage archives, they discovered that it had indeed been recorded in colour. Watch Attenborough as a young man travel to Guiana, West Africa, and quest for a Dragon, over 60 years ago, in full HD colour.


The Truth about Dementia, Thursday, BBC1, 9pm

Broadcaster Angela Rippon, an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s society in the UK, investigates the disease that took her own mother’s life, by partaking in genetic tests to discover her own susceptibility to the condition. Lot's of interesting tips here as usual, such as how much sleep we should be getting and why learning a new language might just work better than a medicine. 


The Guards, Tuesday, RTE2, 9.55pm

The first in a two-part series which gives a behind the scenes look at policing in Dublin city centre. The documentary details what goes into combating the street sale of drugs, drug related crimes, and the abuse that Gardaí face on a daily basis.


EMI The Inside Story, Friday, BBC4, 10pm 

Another excellent music documentary fills the 10 o'clock slot on BBC Four this Friday, profiling the record company and British institution associated with such acts as Queen, Pink Floyd, the Sex Pistols, Pet Shop Boys and of course the Beatles. 

Film of the week

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Friday, BBC1, 23.50

This 1992 suburban horror stars Rebecca De Mornay as a creepy, beautiful nanny who seeks revenge on a woman that she believes is the cause of her husband's suicide.


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