Alan Kelly: I'll listen to party, but party will also listen to me

Former environment minister insists he will be seconded as a nominee

Alan Kelly: I'll listen to party, but party will also listen to me

Minister Alan Kelly

Former minister Alan Kelly is "satisfied" he will be nominated to be the next Labour leader.

There have been reports that Deputy Kelly has had trouble in being seconded by another Labour TD, but he said the process would only begin on Tuesday.

"I don't think there'll be any issue in relation to the process for anyone who wants to stand, I don't think there's any issue there to be honest."

Nominations for Joan Burton's successor opened yesterday, and will close at 12 noon on Friday.

So far, Kelly is the only one of the seven Labour TDs who has publicly declared his intention to run for the leadership position.

Former ministers Brendan Howlin and Jan O'Sullivan said they are both still considering whether or not to put themselves forward.

Deputy Kelly says he thinks the next leader should be chosen according to who can best rebuild the party.

"Everything that's put forward by my colleagues I'll consider, and I believe that everybody else will consider as well.

"I also consider everyone else in the parliamentary party will consider what I say, too."

He added: "We're all friends by the way, so it's not like a normal contest in that sense."

Former minister Brendan Howlin has refused to formally commit himself to standing, and saying he would talk to his family and local Labour members before Tuesday's meeting.

He said he would play whatever role the party feels is appropriate to him.

"As I've said this is not about anybody looking for a position any more," he said.

"This is about all of us working out how best we can individually and collectively resurrect a party that has been wounded, but by god we will resurrect."