Pat Rabbitte says: 'The worst kind of government is one that is paralysed'

The former Labour leader was speaking on The Sunday Show this morning about the current administration

Former Government minister Pat Rabbitte has said he doesn't see how the Fine Gael led minority administration is going to work.

Speaking on The Sunday Show on Newstalk this morning the former Labour leader said "a Government that is terminable at the caprice of Fianna Fáil is not going to be able to do anything."

"The worst kind of government to have is one that is paralysed", he added.

"You have to keep making decisions in government even if you make mistakes".

He likened the situation to a popular Danish TV show Borgen saying it "is all very well for entertainment and TV and for the Danes, but Ireland is not Denmark".

"I find it very difficult to see how it is going to work".

Rabbitte also spoke about the Labour leadership and said he expects the party to have an agreed leader early this week.

Nominations for Joan Burton's replacement officially opened yesterday with the deadline set for Friday.

Alan Kelly is so far the only candidate to have put his name forward for the role.

When asked if Kelly could be denied a shot at the leadership - if he can't secure his colleagues backing - Rabbitte said he doesn't think that will be an issue.

"I don't honestly think that's what is going to happen.

"I believe they will come forward with an agreed leader and I think that's what they should do".

The former Labour leader didn't clarify who he would like to see in the role but agreed with Sunday Independent columnist Brendan Keenan's comments that people would be looking for stability.

Keenan also said: "Brendan Howlin exudes stability - It’s almost his stock and trade.

“The guy who can present some kind of picture of stability is the one to go for”.