Gwyenth Paltrow is selling $15,000 sex-toys on her website

GOOP does it again

Gwyenth Paltrow's GOOP website has long been on the blunt end of some heavy criticism.

From "designer throws" that cost the guts of $1,000, to safety pin earrings that cost $1,250, you can barely go from one page to the next of GOOP without encountering something you don't really need, with a price tag you definitely can't afford.

However, the website may have truly outdone itself with the latest addition to their Not-So-Basic Sex-Toys page, the "Inez" by Lelo.

image by phoenixnewtimes

The "Inez" comes in stainless stell or plated in 24-karat gold, and one of the customer reviews on the website claims that "Because these are made of gold and silver, it means they can conduct heat — adding temperature changes to a dildo sent me TO THE MOON". Which sounds like a totally ringing endorsement.

"Inez" can be purchased with "free discreet shipping", but if you're in a position to afford $15,000 (€13,625 approx.) on a sex-toy, then discretion probably isn't terribly high on your list.