Ministers to descend on Britain to urge expats to vote against Brexit

Referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union to take place on June 23

Irish ministers are expected to travel to Britain over the coming weeks, as campaigning intensifies in the UK ahead of the Brexit referendum on June 23.

On Friday, the Taoiseach said the Government would speak with Irish communities in Britain to encourage the UK to remain in the EU.

Fine Gael MEP Seán Kelly hopes that people in the UK will make the right choice to say in the European Union.

"It's quite clear if you look at it objectively that it's not a good move either for the United Kingdom, definitely for Ireland and for the European Union.

"So we have to work hard getting the message across. We're going to have a meeting with the United Kingdom MEPs to discuss the matters with them, and I think by getting the message across I would be hopeful, rather than confident, that they would make the correct decision."