The Russian Embassy have made some odd choices in their Twitter feed

Talk of Syria and Nazism get some funny accompanying photos

We feel that something may have been lost in the translation...

If you are one of the 19,000 plus followers of the Russian Embassy's UK Twitter account, then you probably already know of their daily tweets regarding world events, as well as Russian themed activities happening in London and the rest of England.

However, earlier this week, the Twitter feed seemed to take on an either purposefully humorous or accidentally misguided slant.

When discussing how a Russian ambassador wants to continue fighting Nazism within the country, the accompanying image is of Norwegian zombie splatter movie Dead Snow.

This was quickly followed by another tweet, sent by the Embassy to Russia's Ministry Of Defense, talking about chemical ammunition being sent into Syria, but again, the photograph used was an odd choice, being a picture from popular video game series Command & Conquer.

The tweets that followed in the hours and days that followed haven't reverted to using the same questionable imagery, and the tweets also haven't been deleted in the interim, which perhaps rules out that the feed back been hacked.