"It's important that the record is set right" - Shatter on O'Higgins Commission findings

Alan Shatter says he has had no direct contact with Enda Kenny

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Alan Shatter | File photo | Image: RollingNews.ie

Alan Shatter says it is "important" that the record is set right in relation to the Guerin Report.

He has written to the Taoiseach Enda Kenny, asking him to withdraw the State's legal defence in his legal case over the report.

The former justice minister also wants the report withdrawn from circulation, in the wake of the findings of the O'Higgins Commission into alleged garda malpractice.

The report cleared Mr Shatter of any wrongdoing in his handling of the claims - despite the earlier criticism of the Guerin Report, which forced him to resign.

The former minister also wants Mr Kenny to correct the Dáil record, after he claimed Mr Shatter had 'accepted responsibility' for any wrongdoing.

A spokesman for Mr Kenny said the letter had been received and would reply in due course.

Speaking to Newstalk Lunchtime, Alan Shatter says: "I'm pleased it is now clear that when it came to dealing with all of the issues that resulted in Micheál Martin jumping up and down on the plinth in Leinster House and jumping up and down in the Dáil chamber back in 2014 - I'm pleased it's been established by the O'Higgins Commission that I dealt with issues promptly, correctly, reasonably".

"It's just unfortunate that it's taken two years to get to this point". He says it is "important" that the record is set right.

"I don't think you can leave two contradictory reports in circulation, I think it's right that the Guerin Report is withdrawn, that the errors in it are removed from it and that the Dáil recorded is corrected".

Asked if he regrets resigning, Mr Shatter replied: "At the time I had no choice but to resign".

"I haven't seen a single individual - either in politics or outside it - who has actually said, hands on heart, I now recognise that perhaps something I wrote or said at the time was wrong".