Stone Roses return 21 years later - Here's the longest gaps artists took between albums

If you thought Ian Brown and co's break was long, you're in for a surprise

21 years since Second Coming, and Stone Roses have released their first new single "All For One" this week.

While a new album hasn't been set in stone (roses) just yet, we can probably safely assume that it isn't too far off. And while the two decades plus wait has been something of a source of agonizing pain for their fans, they haven't been the only ones in the history of music who have had to wait a long time for their favourite artists to return to the recording studio.


Previous Album: The Red Shoes

Next Album: Aerial

Gap Between Albums: 12 years

Worth The Wait?: In all honest, 1993's The Red Shoes doesn't rank anywhere near Bush's best, but her double-album comeback is seen in retrospect as a massive return to form. Despite only having one official single from the release, it still appeared near the top of several Best Of 2005 listicles.


Previous Album: "The Spagetti Incident?"

Next Album: Chinese Democracy

Gap Between Albums: 15 years

Worth The Wait?: The admittedly overly busy production worked for some, while others have referred to it as "the worst rock album ever made". So while the album definitely has some fans and more than a few haters, it certainly doesn't feel like it was worthy of a decade and a half of built up anticipation.


Previous Album: Loveless

Next Album: mbv

Gap Between Albums: 21 years

Worth The Wait?: 1991's Loveless still goes down in recent history as one of the best alternative rock albums ever, not just Irish rock. Following it up was always going to be an issue, and when it finally dropped in early 2013, everyone was pretty happy that mbv was as good, if not even better, than it's predecessor.


Previous Album: The Long Run

Next Album: Long Road Out Of Eden

Gap Between Albums: 27 years

Worth The Wait?: Truth be told, 1979's The Long Run was a bit of a disappointment compared to their previous LP, Hotel California. So if you're comparing their 2007 comeback to that, then yes, it is actually pretty good. But if you're comparing it to their heyday, then no, it doesn't come off well in the comparison.


Previous Album: Raw Power

Next Album: The Weirdness

Gap Between Albums: 34 years

Worth The Wait?: Co-produced by David Bowie and named by Kurt Cobain as his favourite album of all time, 1973's Raw Power is incomparable. All that Iggy Pop and co. could hope for would be that their 2007 return to the spotlight wouldn't pale too badly next to it. Unfortunately, it does, as The Weirdness is just plain bad. Thanfully, the 2013 album Ready To Die did represent a step in the right direciton.


Previous Album: Just Another Diamond Day

Next Album: Lookaftering

Gap Between Albums: 35 years

Worth The Wait?: Don't worry if you've never heard of her, because some of your favourite artists have. When her initially one and only album was released in 1970 and sold only a few hundred copies, Butyan just retired immediately. However, the interviening years have retrospectively labelled Just Another Diamond Day as a classic, and coupled with the likes of Animal Collective and Devendra Banhart saying her work was a major inspiration on their own, it compelled Butyan to return in 2005, with another very well recieved project.