Bust of Enda Kenny's head on sale "for absolutely anything"

The paper-mache creation is hand made

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Image: donedeal.ie

A bust of Enda Kenny is being offered online for "absolutely anything".

Dublin National College of Art and Design (NCAD) sculpture student Kevin O'Kelly says the hand made piece is constructed entirely out of paper-mache toilet paper.

"Extremely well crafted head capturing Kenny's infamous grin, a great addition to any mantlepiece", the description on DoneDeal says.

And you do not have to have a lot of cash, either.

O'Kelly explained to Newstalk.com: "I was doing a project called 'In Public, In Particular' - kind of a joint venture between NCAD and three other colleges around Europe".

"I was looking for ways to engage with the street and the area...I was looking at traders in the Thomas Street area".

"So I went and bought 40 roles of toilet paper off the traders for a tenner - the plan was to make something out of the toilet paper then bring it back to them, and see what they would trade me for it".

He says he made the piece around that time of "the 70 day uncertainty period, the kind of suspense about what would happen to (Enda Kenny) - or whether he'd get back in or not".

O'Kelly, who has been a member of the website since 2011, says he is looking to trade it "for absolutely anything".

"The plan for it is to trade it for something else - and I'm not sure...what that would be".

"Obviously if somebody offered a lot of money for it, I'd probably happily trade for that", he laughs, "but the idea of it is to see what somebody might trade for it".

"It's to see what value somebody might put on Enda Kenny's head", he added.