Programme for Government commitments on education welcomed by campaigners

EQUATE says the Education Minister 'needs to move urgently' to implement the proposals

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Michael Barron of EQUATE. Image:

The new Government's proposals on education are being welcomed by campaign groups.

The Programme for Government published yesterday commits to improving pluralism and diversity in our school system.

It also promises to reform school admissions, based on fairness and transparency.

Michael Barron, Executive Director of family and children's organisation EQUATE, has welcomed the developments.

"We believe these commitments provide a much needed roadmap to re-energise the whole area of pluralism and equality in our schools," he said.

"It's vital the Government acts quickly and prioritises ending discrimination in our schools, particularly ending religious discrimination in our school system," he added.

The Programme for Government also promises significant reforms in areas such as housing, health and rural development.