"He should, quite simply, resign or pay up" - George Hook calls for Finian McGrath's resignation

'The Right Hook' presenter was speaking about the Disability Minister's refusal to pay water charges

Newstalk’s George Hook has added his voice to the calls for new Cabinet Minister Finian McGrath to resign from his position as the Disability Minister if he will not pay his unpaid water charges. Speaking about the day’s news at the start of his drive-time show The Right Hook, the veteran presenter said he agreed with Labour TD Alan Kelly when he told the independent politician to step down from his position if he holds his ground on refusing to pay the charges.

Asking listeners to listen to the politician’s defence for not paying the charges, Hook read a statement made by the new minister.

“I haven’t paid my water charges but I accept the reality that if there are constitutional or legal challenges, I will look at that,” the Minister said.

“It’s incredible, this Minister needs a ‘constitutional or legal’ imperative to ask him to pay his taxes. The rest of us just paid up!” Hook said.

“But that’s beside the point,” he added. “He doesn’t have a ‘constitutional or legal’ imperative. He has the imperative of integrity, honesty, and an understanding of what it means to be a minister of government in a democracy.

“He should quite simply resign or pay up.”

You can listen back to Hook’s comments from the beginning of today’s show in full below: