Poll shows Donald Trump is less popular than Nickelback or a root canal

The presumptive Republican candidate has very poor favourability levels with voters

Donald Trump, Wisconsin, Primaries

Image: Jim Mone / AP/Press Association Images

With the focus now switching to the general election in November, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are coming under criticism for their poll numbers. 

According to the research, both candidates have high unfavourability ratings with potential voters, with Clinton being viewed as untrustworthy by many

However, while her numbers won't make pleasant reading for her campaign staff, it seems that Donald Trump's crew have a much bigger job on their hands. 

The latest figures from the Public Policy Polling group show that people have a more negative opinion of Donald Trump than they do of Nickelback, lice, or hipsters.

When it comes to painful dental procedures such as a root canal, Trump was 11 points behind the curve, while the famously long queues at the Department of Motor Vehicles in the United States were also seen as being more pleasant than presumptive nominee. 

Image: Public Policy Polling

The report also found, however, that the Republican party was coalescing behind Trump, despite the objections to his candidacy from some key GOP establishment figures.

It also claims that as a result of this unexpected support for the New York businessman, the Presidential race is now "more competitive than it has previously been perceived to be."

They project that in a straight match up between Clinton and Trump, the former Secretary of State leads 47 to 41.

“The biggest question in the race at this point is whether Hillary Clinton will be able to get Bernie Sanders’ supporters unified around her once the nomination process has run its course,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “If she does, this four point lead she has right now could quickly become a six or eight point lead.”

Via Public Policy Polling