CWU calls on Government to insist all companies awarded state contracts recognise unions

The union is holding its annual conference today where members are being urged to stand their ground

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General Secretary of the CWU Steve Fitzpatrick. Image:

Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) will be urged to stand their ground as they hold their national conference today.

The organisation has been involved in a long-running dispute with the operator of Ireland's 999 call centres - Conduit Global.

The CWU is expected to call for the Government to force all companies awarded state contracts to recognise unions.

The union represents 15,000 workers in the postal, courier and telecommunications sectors

President Paschal Connolly is looking to remind the members that "solidarity amongst workers is what companies fear most.

"Organised workers are powerful workers," he added.

Steve Fitzpatrick is the General Secretary of the Communications Workers Union, and spoke to Newstalk Breakfast ahead of their conference.

He says their involvement in the water charges and Right2Change movements "was more about trying to get to the stage where we talked about policies rather than parties; where we talked about the impact on the human being rather than the individual politicians".