Dublin man gets two-year sentence for death of young mother

Anthony Handley knocked down Olivia Dunne while she was out for a walk with her baby in January 2014

A Dublin man who knocked down and killed a young mother after falling asleep at the wheel has been jailed for two years.

Olivia Dunne, a 31-year-old primary school teacher, was out for a walk with her 15-week-old baby Eabha when tragedy struck on January 17th 2014.

Anthony Handley, who’s 64, mounted a footpath near the entrance to Balbriggan Retail Park.

The young mother died instantly. Her daughter survived but suffered permanent scarring and now walks with a limp.

Mr. Handley had slept for just four hours the night before and an investigation concluded he must have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Olivia’s husband Ciaran didn’t attend today’s hearing. The court heard he never wants to set eyes on the person who caused the death of his childhood sweetheart.

Judge Patrick McCartan accepted there were no additional aggravating factors like alcohol, illicit drugs or excessive speed but said his failure to address his fatigue while driving had to be taken into consideration.

In handing down a two-year sentence, he said he needed to send out a clear message that it’s a phenomenon that needs to be in the minds of all drivers and one that must be reacted to when it arises.