Twitter sees growth with Irish users, while Facebook remains biggest social network

Ipsos-MRBI say more Irish people are using Snapchat

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File photo of the logo of social networking website Twitter displayed on the screen of an iPhone | Image: Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire/Press Association Images

New figures show 64% of people on social media sites in Ireland use Facebook.

The Ipsos-MRBI survey shows 29% use Twitter and 27% go to Google Plus.

Some 25% use Linkedin, while 23% go to Instagram. Pinterest, Tinder and Tumblr also make up the top eight.

Compared to figures taken in January this year, Facebook's usage has dropped 2%, while Twitter has grown by 4%.

Instagram and Pinterest's audiences also grew, while LinkedIn and Google Plus fell.

Source: Ipsos-MRBI

The same survey showed that 51% of us use Facebook Messenger to communicate online.

This is followed by WhatsApp at 49% and Skype at 44%. Others used include Viber (41%) and Snapchat (27%).

However, Snapchat and Viber saw the biggest increases in users here since January - both up 7%.

While WhatsApp grew by just 1%, as did Skype.