'Trump Against Humanity' is a card game where you'll want to be a loser

An expansion of the much-loved 'Card Against Humanity', 30,000 people have asked for a copy of the spin-off

Donald Trump Against Humanity Sid Lee Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack

With only 100 copies printed, the Canadian firm that produced the game has been inundated with requests for one [Sid Lee]

Cards Against Humanity, one of the world’s fastest growing board games designed to be played by “horrible people,” comes in many different versions, including Spanish, German, and Pirate. Over on the games website, the creators allow anyone to download their own blank version of the game to create the next most jaw-droppingly shocking version of their own, inspiring a Montreal advertising agency to create a new one – Trump Against Humanity.

Sid Lee Collective, the company behind the cards, announced its expansion pack late last week, and now Jeff Da Silva, the co-executive creative director, says nearly 30,000 people have requested a set.

"When the primary started, he was dropping tons of one-liners that we thought would work well with a game like Cards Against Humanity," Da Silva recently told the Chicago Tribune. "It really became, 'What did Trump say today?'"

The consistency of Trump’s self-styled unpredictability has resulted in a number of tropes appearing in his speech patterns, a treasure trove for comedians hoping to ape his style in sketches – or for clever game makers who can turn it into something else.

[Sid Lee Collective]

Going through a number of Trump’s public appearances, including the Republican primary debates and speeches, the team selected from Trump’s rich lexicon of nonsense 30 of his go-to stock phrases.

“In our expansion pack, it's all Trump quotes,” Da Silva explained to The Daily Dot. “The black cards have the actual phrases with blanks in them. The white cards are a thing you could fill in those blanks with. For example, 'Make America _______ again' and ... fill that in with any number of things that he's said, like 'Mexicans,' or 'micropenis,' or 'Muslims.'”

Having only produced 100 sets of the game, Sid Lee has no plans to actually start selling Trump Against Humanity, which falls in line with the creative commons licence the games’ creators offer to anyone wishing to tinker with the idea. But given the huge buzz surrounding it, Da Silva says the company might consider a commercial project in the future.

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