Hillary Clinton releases first attack ads aimed at Donald Trump

With Trump the last man standing in the Republican race, Clinton has turned her attention to the New York businessman

Hillary Clinton, Democratic primary, Illinois,

Image: Carolyn Kaster / AP/Press Association Images

After another first place finish in the Indiana primary, Donald Trump has become the last man standing in the Republican race.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich both suspended their campaigns, leaving the New York business man as the de facto Republican Party candidate for the general election in November. 

While Hillary Clinton still has to contend with Bernie Sanders in the Democratic race, she turned her attention to the general election in November with her first attack ads against Trump on Wednesday night. 

Two short spots released on social media highlight a number of remarks made by Trump throughout the course of the campaign which have caused controversy.

The ads pulled no punches, and put forward that electing "President Trump" was a "dangerous proposition" for the country.

Meanwhile, the TedCruz.com domain has been changed by its owner to lend a message of support to Clinton's campaign. A simple image of the Democratic candidate, along with the phrase "the next President of the United States of America" is now displayed there. 

The real campaign site of the Texas senator, TedCruz.org, has been altered to reflect his dropping out of the race, with a thank you message to his supporters and a video of his speech from Tuesday in which he announced that he was suspending his campaign.