Mother of baby who died in Dublin hospital criticises lack of accountability

Maree Butler says she was unaware her baby was in distress

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Coombe Woman and Infants University Hospital in Dublin | Image:

The mother of a baby who died four days after being delivered by emergency Caesarean section at the Coombe Hospital in Dublin is calling for greater accountability among medical staff.

A verdict of medical misadventure was returned yesterday at the inquest into baby Darragh Byrne's death in February 2013.

The baby's mother, Maree Butler, was referred from Portlaoise to the Coombe due to complications during her pregnancy.

She says a scan of Darragh's heartbeat was not interpretable "but they didn't do anything about it"

Baby Darragh was born and lived for four days, but he did not survive.

"I had absolutely no aware - it was my first time pregnancy - I was in the throws of labour pains, I presumed all this was normal", she told Newstalk Lunchtime.

"It's something you would not wish on your worst enemy - to go in and expect a live baby and be left in limbo, not knowing whether your baby is going to survive or not".

Maree is also criticising the delay in an apology being issued.

"The apology was held back, we don't know why that happened", she said.

"In every walk of life people have accountability, in everyone's job if you do something wrong there is repercussions for that".

"But it doesn't seem to be like that in the medical profession".

"I mean I'm sure the doctors and nurses who looked after Darragh are still going about their daily lives delivering babies, as they were yesterday and will do tomorrow".