Events marking 100 years since executions of four 1916 leaders being held in Dublin

Joseph Plunkett, Edward Daly, Michael O'Hanrahan and William Pearse were all executed on May 4th 1916

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Commemoration events will take place in the Stonebreakers’ Yard in Kilmainham Gaol to mark 100 years since the executions of some of the leaders of the Easter Rising.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the executions of Joseph Plunkett, Edward Daly, Michael O'Hanrahan and William Pearse.

At each ceremony, trial documents relating to the charge against the accused man will be read, as well as the plea that was entered, the verdict of the court and the witness statements provided.

Surviving relatives of those who were executed will attend the commemorations.

Margaret Stanley, with the Department of Defence, says that these ceremonies are important for relatives, and "it gives them time to consider what very close family undertook 100 years ago".

Joseph Plunkett was appointed Director of Military Operations ahead of the Easter Rising, and was stationed at the GPO during the Rising.

Michael O'Hanrahan was the second-in-command to Thomas MacDonagh at the Jacob’s Biscuit Factory.

Edward 'Ned' Daly led the First Battalion during raids on Bridewell & Linenhall Barracks and the seizure of the Four Courts. He was the youngest executed leader of the Rising, aged 25.

William 'Willie' Pearse was the younger brother of Patrick Pearse, and they fought alongside each other at the GPO.

Yesterday, individual ceremonies were held to remember Patrick Pearse, Thomas Clarke and Thomas MacDonagh.