'Substantial Infrastructural Investment' needed to help solve homelessness crisis

The Dáil's Housing and Homelessness Committee has been meeting today

'Substantial Infrastructural Investment' needed to help solve homelessness crisis

A file photo of new homes in Phibblestown Wood, Dublin 15 | Image: Photocall

Head of the Construction Industry Federation Tom Parlon has said that fixing the housing crisis means a lot more that just building homes.

He says: “We need substantial infrastructural investment, in particular water supplies, and waste water and sewage connections. Likewise in terms of roads, roundabouts and lighting, and even schools for new communities”

Tom Parlon was appearing before the Dáil’s special housing and homelessness committee which has been asked to come up with solutions to the housing and homelessness crisis. 

Speaking on Lunchtime he also spoke of the need for a “Minister for Housing” or “Minister for Infrastructure”.

“We need somebody with political responsibility, and somebody who has control. Whether it’s a senior civil servant that can pull together the likes of public expenditure, finance, social welfare, transport, environment, in order to get all the issues holding up house building sorted".

The committee will also be hearing from representatives from the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, and the Institute of Professional Auctioneers today.