List of books featured on Moncrieff last week

America's first supermodel, Hemingway’s cats and the future of human reproduction

Books featured on the Moncrieff show 25th - 29th April 

  • Joanna Connors - Author of I Will Find You: A Reporter Investigates the Life of the Man Who Raped Her
  • Kat Arney - Author of Herding Hemingway’s Cats: Understanding how our genes work
  • Dr. Mary Guignan - Author of Adventures of a Female Medical detective
  • Dr. Suzanne O’Sullivan - Author of It's All in Your Head: True Stories of Imaginary Illness
  • Mick Wall - Author of Lemmy: The Definitive Biography
  • Hank Greely - Author of The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction
  • Dr. Judith Lasker - Author of Hoping to Help: the Promises and Pitfalls of Global Health Volunteering
  • James Bone -Author of The Curse of Beauty The Scandalous and Tragic Life of Audrey Munson, America's First Supermodel